About Rachelle

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. Whether it’s fitness, career, or personal life, I strongly believe that you can truly achieve anything if you commit to it 100 percent.

As a personal trainer, my goal is to not only guide and motivate my clients to better health, but to become exceptional in every aspect of their lives — physical, mental and spiritual. I sincerely care about my clients. Nothing is more rewarding to me than seeing someone increase in their confidence.

I have been training clients all over North America for more than 8 years, and have been Skype training for 5 of those years. Because it is convenient and personalized, Skype training is VERY effective, and I have the testimonials to prove it! (please read more details about online Skype training).

My personal training credentials include ISSA, NFPT, NCSF, TRX certifications, and I earned a Nutrition Specialist certification through Ashworth College. I have competed as a NPC figure competitor, placing top 5 a few times (not by default!). I have completed multiple half marathons, Tough Mudders, Super Spartans (placing very highly in the womens division) and many other events, some of them right next to my clients! We set goals together and succeed together.  I am looking forward to gaining your confidence and trust in me to lead you to the same victory. No goal is too big or too small, and together we can be #1!