Fitness plans and nutritionOne thing people seem to overlook is that nutrition is an important part of any fitness program.  What you eat should be 75% of your overall fitness goal/plan.  If you have poor nutrition —  eating junk food, not eating enough, over eating, etc. — you will NOT get the results you are trying to achieve.  Not only that, everyone has a different genetic makeup, blood type, and health issues, so one nutrition plan does not fit all.

I once went to a registered dietitian to get a food allergy test done. I paid  $600 and received a sample meal plan to follow that included lots of processed foods like crackers, tuna with regular mayonnaise, lots of cheese, etc. I was shocked to get these sample meal plans from someone with multiple degrees in diet and nutrition!

I am a nutrition specialist with 4 certifications who has had amazing success rates with my individualized approach to each client.  You will be held accountable daily for food logs and you will be in contact with me every day, even on days that we aren’t training. Remember, I do not handle every client the same way. After seeing your regular eating habits, I make the executive decision on how to proceed with your personalized plan. I will NOT put you on a “diet”.  We want you to comfortably transition to a healthy lifestyle, so you can feel better mentally and physically.  We will succeed at this TOGETHER!