Skype Fitness Training- Train from anywhere

Skype training with me is just as effective as working with a personal trainer in the gym, and it is much more affordable. Why not take me to your gym via your smartphone or tablet?

Because of jobs, family commitments and otherwise crazy schedules, Skype training gives you the flexibility to make time for a personalized workout from the comfort of home. No matter where you are, I can be right there with you, fixing your form to help you avoid injuries, and pushing and motivating you to get through it!

As a nutrition specialist, I will also hold you accountable on daily food logs. Many trainers simply give each client the same sample food plan to follow.  I do not handle every client the same — since everyone has different nutritional needs. My approach is to review two days of your normal eating habits, and then develop a personalized plan that will help you to slowly eliminate bad habits.  I don’t put anyone on a “diet”. The goal is to develop better nutrition as a lifestyle, and stick with it because it makes you feel great! If you are only interested in nutrition plans, I am happy to work with you on better eating habits without the personal training component.

My clients have found some great success Skype training with Superb Fitness. If you are a new client, you can take advantage of my 3-session trial for $100. Contact me to set up a consultation or for more information. It’s never to late to make positive changes and feel great in your own body! And I guarantee I can get you there, if you really want to make a change.