amy before and afterAmy

So I was living my best life, or so I thought…strict vegetarian, doing yoga most days, long hikes in the forest. Yet, my weight had been on a steady incline since I quit smoking a couple years back, and there were certainly hikes that took my breath away but not because of the view. I was 5’4″, 153 pounds and ready for improvement, but I didn’t know how. I was completely inexperienced in actual exercise, plus a veggie burger here, a cupcake there tallied up to a slow gain in a semi-sedintary lifestyle. I knew I was ready, but needed help beyond just a workout buddy. I contacted Rachelle and we went through a basic overview of how things world work and what my goals were. Everything is personalized to align with you right from the start. Her services are twofold: fitness and nutrition- both equally important!
As far as the fitness, I Skype trained with her (and my cats!) from the convenience of a small area in my bedroom using minimal equipment (dumbbells, stability ball, etc). No home gym. No enormous space. No expensive equipment. I didn’t even use a computer; just did it all from my phone. Rachelle knows how to shape a body! Most sessions included completely new exercises that kept things fresh, and of course challenging. She pushes you to your personal edge, and then maybe just a wee bit further, to help you make the gains you’re after- and sounding off with encouragement when you’re about to fall apart. She has a tremendous eye for form. Her corrections help prevent injuries and make sure you’re getting the most out of each exercise. Nothing is lost in the digital connection. It’s like she’s right there with you.
And then the nutrition. Mine was a bit more complicated, being vegetarian and protein being so important. But Rachelle took this into account and provided me with a full list of options that would work for me specifically while trying to lose weight and build muscle. In turn, I provided her with a daily food log so that she could indicate strengths and weaknesses in my choices. It’s surprising as you learn that what you thought were healthy choices were actually sabotaging your body. The other facet of the food log is the accountability. If you signed up for positive progress you will achieve it because you will be held accountable for what you eat in a day. There’s no more mindless eating or careless meals. She will help you learn what to eat and when to eat. I unintentionally learned the reason why I was doing a lot of my eating was because of bad habits and emotions. Now food has a different meaning for me that is so much healthier even beyond a nutritional level.
She moves your body, she feeds your soul…
What I’ve lost: Over 25 pounds in 12 weeks (Hello, 126!!!)
What I’ve gained: Immeasurable improvements in my physical fitness and overall health. I can do things now that I never thought I could, or would never even want to. Rachelle has challenged me in ways that have not only built physical strength and stamina, but have carried over into a sense of self confidence that I CAN DO IT. I think that’s priceless.


We may have known of each other since high school, yet until last year, we never really had a conversation.
Yes I wear my heart on my sleeve. Yes I over share. Yes I may seem naive to some but really I give the benefit of the doubt to most of, if not all, situations. (Which this year, my lesson is to just not give a fuck) Where am I going with this? I believe people enter as well as leave our lives for reasons we don’t realize.

You approached me on a client level and somehow we became friends at a point in my life which felt like everyday was living in the upside down. You listened to me bitch, moan, groan and complain. You were able to pick up where others left off; not only did you give me a new perspective and direction in life, you became my friend and confidante. You have helped and supported me in ways you may not have realized.

Your persistence, dedication and hard work ethic has helped me become the person I am now not only physically but mentally.

You were the kick in the ass I needed and for that I am truly grateful. Our paths in life crossed for a reason. We may not have been friends earlier In life, but our lives seemed to have landed on similar levels. I don’t question it as much as I am thankful; true people are hard to come by and especially being adults, how does one make friends?
Seriously. Lol.

I appreciate your no-filter, blatant truths, like-minded sick humor, and no candy coating bullshit when it comes to business and life. It’s nice to enjoy a part of my day with you even if for an hour to discuss literally everything while you destroy me. Lol.

I can’t say life isn’t more lonely now but I can say dealing with the unnecessary bullshit is over.

You are a beautiful person inside as well as out. I see inside you a kind soul with good intentions of helping those who are willing and looking to be helped. There’s a genuine love and passion for what you do and you exude that when you’re with a client; I see and feel it first hand. Love you, Alexis

Skype training Fitness Testimonial


At the end of August 2017, I was working a stressful job 75 hours a week, I was stressed out of my mind (which led to overeating), alone in a place with no family and no support network – 55 years old and I weighed 242 lbs (I am 5’11”). I was about as depressed as I could be. My knees were killing me, I was suffering from arthritis in my feet, knees and hips — walking was very painful and it was just getting worse. I didn’t have a lot of options since I worked so many hours and wasn’t super motivated to haul my oversized self into a gym with younger and more fit people than me.

Then I started talking to Rachelle and found her website. I inquired and found she could work with me either at home, in hotel rooms, or at a gym, but the best thing was that she worked with my schedule. So we started training September 5, 2017 – on Skype which was perfect. I didn’t have to worry about how I looked or even if my house was clean (lol!) and she was able to watch me, watch my form, motivate me and even patiently listen to me complain about stuff which was on my mind. She also gave me a diet to follow and basically taught me how to eat correctly. She was an angel! Suddenly I was on track and seeing results.

No matter where I traveled, I could take her with me. And it’s been a true lifesaver.

As of April 28, 2018, I am down 45 pounds and went from a size 18 to a size 10/12 (depending on the brand) in just 8 months! At a slow and steady drop of 5 pounds a month, I don’t see the droopy skin that often comes with rapid weight loss, and my muscle tone is pretty darn fantastic. I still have a ways to go (I want to be a size 8) but I feel and look pretty good (or so I am told – lol). I owe it all to Skype customized personal training with Rachelle, and I truly recommend it to anyone going through what I did – it literally (and figure-atively – haha) changed my life! Thank you Rachelle!

Fitness Testimonial Before and AfterBrandon

Lifestyles are what you make of them and they sure do come in all shapes and sizes. In June of 2014 I weighed in at the heaviest I have ever been, 254.4 pounds. Life was good, I thought. I had finally settled down here in Las Vegas in a new home with careers going well for both my wife and I. But the hectic schedules of 60 plus hour work weeks and 2 kids in school with activities would continue to tell my mind to grab something quick to eat from that drive through and crash on the couch on the weekends completing 12 ounce curls. But as Rachelle has taught me, those are all excuses. I have been very fortunate to be successful in my young career by overcoming major events by responding well to give outstanding results. So why had I not done the same for my well-being of physical activity and healthy eating? Reason, it doesn’t matter, that’s an excuse. What Rachelle is so great at is holding me accountable for every decision I make with my health and physical activity.

I remember the first day I made an attempt to work out. I had an egg for breakfast and a salad for lunch. After an attempt to complete a push up or two, some squats, mountain climbers and about three other exercises, I quickly made a dash to kneel at the porcelain. That’s right, I got sick. To be honest, it was a tough drive home, making multiple stops pulling over to gather myself and also getting sick again. Maybe I should have looked at her suggestions on what to eat on training day. Rachelle completely trashed everything I was eating on a daily basis and restructured my diet to match the proper calorie intake I should have and gave me the path to follow to meet my goals.

Today, I weighed in at 217.4 pounds. DOWN 37 POUNDS IN 12 WEEKS!!!! My goal is to go from 254 pounds to 204 pounds by December 31, 2014 (6 months). I have not met my goal yet, but I only have 13 more pounds to go in 15 weeks, then I must reset the goal. Yes there are the days that I feel like I have accomplished enough and I can take a break from my new routine, but Rachelle reminds me every day that I have to keep going to hit my goal. She continues to check in with me daily, inquiring about my food consumption, workouts and cardio training and that is what sets her apart from others. Her attention to detail of each of her clients is remarkable. I know that my routines and workouts are unique to me. She has shown that she can modify training for any type of individual whether they differ in goals, strength or physical limitations.
I could continue to go on about how Rachelle has taught me how to care for myself or how she has instilled a new lifestyle for me. She is committed and determined to make a difference in my life and has truly allowed me to have success in a new healthy lifestyle. If you are on the fence of making that decision of whether you should start training, look at what you can accomplish with Rachelle. I am someone who thought I would have never made the leap to meet with a trainer. I make a statement daily to my team about determination, and I will say it here, you can “MAKE IT HAPPEN.”

Online Fitness Training ResultsVicki

I have been training with Rachelle for just over a year. It has been the best decision I have made. I have lost over 80 lbs and feel the healthiest I ever have. Don’t get me wrong, it has been tough but I have never felt alone. Rachelle has been with me every step of the way; watching my diet, giving me the right workouts and encouraging me in the meanest way possible. :)!

My biggest worry in the beginning was being on Skype. I can say that has never been a problem. Skype training is easy and eliminates many, many excuses, including timing and availability. I have trained with Rachelle all over this world. It is very easy and she is very accommodating.

I would recommend Rachelle to anyone. She will bring her 100%. You just have to bring yours.


I have accomplished more than I could ever imagine since day 1 of training with Rachelle. Training for a year and a half, Rachelle has not only taught me how to eat and exercise properly, but also took me through competing in a bikini competition, which I never thought was possible. She also “conned” me into doing a Tough Mudder! It ended up being a great experience and I had a blast! She also taught me that I can achieve anything and EVERYTHING, if I work hard and put my mind to it. Rachelle pushed me so hard, in ways that no one ever could have. She has changed my life in a positive way and I have accomplished so much. “Thank You” is not enough for such an amazing trainer/coach who truly cares for her client’s success in a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Rachelle for inspiring me to be my best, and most of all, thank you for being a caring friend who has given me fabulous memories that I will cherish forever! I will always be grateful and will always appreciate all you have done for me.


When I first started training with Rachelle 8 years ago, the primary goal was to lose weight and get back into shape like I was before I started college. With all of the work we did the first couple years, I initially lost about 15 lbs total, 14% body fat, while gaining muscle. We used to train only in the gym the first 4 years, but when I or Rachelle would travel, we would Skype train. I still currently train 4 times a week with Rachelle, but only on Skype, usually from my gym, but once in a while from home, depending on my schedule. This is extremely convenient!! And she still manages to make me “hate her” on a very regular basis, after all these years. She continues to make everything harder and constantly changes my routine, keeping me sore at almost all times. I have a hard time remembering what it feels like not to be sore… She stays on top of my nutrition and makes me accountable for slips-ups she may see in my weight or body fat… excuses can only take you so far and she makes sure you know it! After spending many hours training, we decided we needed another purpose to training and thought, hey, why not start running? I have never been a runner, nor did I particularly enjoy running, but Rachelle has a way of making bad ideas sound good and knows exactly what to say to suck us all in to these “great” ideas. We started off with a few 5k’s, moved up to 10k’s, and finally to half marathons (3 total, 1 being at night up in the mountains requiring the use of a headlamp). We soon grew tired of simply running and decided obstacle course mud runs would be more exciting (and more challenging). We started off light with a 5 mile Las Vegas mud run and soon graduated to completing 1 Warrior Dash, 1 Super Spartan, 2 Rhino Night courses in pitch black, and 2 Tough Mudders, all with Rachelle by my side. She pushes me to do things I couldn’t fathom completing when I started 8 years ago. Together we are always looking for a new challenge and new extremes to accomplish and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I said, we have been together 8 years, to help me maintain to current physique, especially since I am getting married October 2018!


After 2 and half years of training with Rachelle, what can I say? I have lived through Tough Mudder, Spartan, a few half marathons and I’m still going strong. I had trainers previously and they do not push you as hard as Rachelle…after every session I feel a little closer to death, but in her soft comforting voice she’ll say – GO DO YOUR CARDIO!!! (and off you go). Since I have been with her, I have lost close to 30 pounds and dropped quite a bit of body fat. Before training with her, I couldn’t run a mile! Now I’m faster, stronger, and in the best shape of my life. Believe me, if I didn’t have Rachelle – I would be a permanent couch potato, laying around, watching TV & eating crap (everyone’s dream right) – Not now – always on the move, a lot of energy and I feel great! Thank you.


Personal fitness trainers are supposed to motivate you to become a better person in a physical sense – more active, leaner, faster, firmer, more aware of your body, more muscular. Whatever your goals, they guide you in accomplishing them. Rachelle certainly is motivating in that sense, as she encourages change in your lifestyle, diet, and fitness. But more than that, she motivates you to want to be a better person in everything you do. Her main focus may be on your physical body, but she encourages growth in other aspects of life as well. She tailors each session to your needs, by encouraging, cajoling, disciplining, listening, threatening, counseling, entertaining – meeting whatever you need for that particular session. Because of her fun personality, she will become someone you look forward to seeing for sessions, but her determination to see you reach and surpass your goals will drive you to work harder at achieving them, even when she’s not around. I have been with Rachelle for 5 months now, and am down almost 30 pounds! She’s like an iron fist in a velvet glove. And she will change your life.


I am a single mom of four children and as you can see from my pictures, I needed a lot of work. I didn’t just need physical help, but mentally and emotionally. I have been training with Rachelle for a little over a year now, and my life has drastically changed. When I met Rachelle I was determined, however, I was in a really hard spot in my life and involved in a very bad relationship. But during all of this, Rachelle showed me compassion and motivation, which helped get me back to loving myself again and making me realize that I deserved so much more in life. Rachelle is one of the best trainers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Rachelle takes her work very seriously and does not allow anyone the opportunity to screw around. Although, on the exterior you would think she is a hardball, no games kind of gal, she always cares about each one of her clients individually. Rachelle went out of her way for me because she saw that I truly wanted to change and transform my life. When we first started training together, I had a major set back. However, Rachelle helped me get my life back in the right direction. I have to say that she was a big part in saving my life, literally. I was headed down a path that I was not proud of and she was able to get through to me with her stay put attitude. I never thought I would do all the things that Rachelle has talked me into, like running Warrior Dash or competing in a figure competition. I also never thought I would have abs! Its amazing how she has transformed my body. Wow is all I can say!!! I am very grateful to have her in my life and I pray that I will continue to be a steady part of her life as well! Thank you Rachelle for not only being the best trainer ever, but becoming an amazing friend. Thank you for all that you do and all that you have become. Much love and respect always!

Hali and Bill

It is with pleasure that we recommend Rachelle Eskelin as a personal trainer. She is knowledgeable, attentive, upbeat, and definitely trains with a personal touch!
We have known Rachelle for about 3 years and my husband and I have both been training with her religiously for almost a year. Rachelle provides a workout that is personalized to each client, and is never boring! In fact, we joke that Rachelle lies in bed at night thinking of new and creative ways to work on specific areas of the body; she never does the same exercises from week to week. Although Bill and I have both worked with trainers prior to Rachelle, we never realized that there is an infinite number of ways to “work one’s glutes!”

Bill’s goal was to develop his chest, tighten his abs, and sculpt his body. He loves seeing all the new lines! On the other hand, I wanted to lose a few pounds and continue to strengthen my body overall. I had cancer a few years ago, and I know that exercise is just as important as medication in order to prevent recurrence. Rachelle has been instrumental in helping both of us reach our goals by holding us accountable, and keeping workouts fresh, exciting, and challenging!

We are sure that if you choose to train with Rachelle, she will exceed your expectations!


When I walked into the gym two and a half years ago, I was like many brides to be- 9 months left for the big day and not a clue on how I was going to fit into a dress size that I dreamed of. Luckily for me, I got Rachelle assigned as my trainer. From day one, it was very clear that my goals were as important to her as they were to me and it is this genuine approach towards her clients that makes her such a successful trainer. Whether it was teaching me how to turn on the elliptical-yes, I had no clue how to use one before I met her- or educating me on nutrition by taking me grocery shopping on her personal time or helping me buy the right work out shoes- Rachelle has always been committed to my wellness and health. From someone who hated going to the gym, she has made me someone who actually enjoys working out and wants to achieve a healthier lifestyle. A testament of her success is that when I moved to the East coast a year ago, I couldn’t bring myself to get another trainer – I was so afraid I would be disappointed with anyone else after her. Rachelle suggested virtual training 6 months after I moved and needless to say I jumped at the opportunity. We train over Skype three days a week now and she still manages to be a pain -literally and figuratively. I would not have it any other way though. Not only has she managed to make me lose 30 pounds, she has increased my vocabulary with choice terms such as hip abduction, glute lifts and burpees, that all become curse words at some point during our sessions- but more importantly, she has become a very dear friend who always has and will always have my best interests at heart!! Thank you Rachelle and no, I don’t think 25 mountain climbers, 25 jumping jacks, 30 bicycles, a 1 minute plank, 25 leg lifts, 25 prison squats, 25 back lunges with knee lifts and 25 side iso bends should make 1 circuit but as you constantly remind me- I must be glad you do or I wouldn’t keep coming back for more!!